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DSC_0393Mind body & Pilates is an Authentic Pilates and Yoga Studio. We specialize in very hands-on, personalized instruction tailored to individual needs. Our group class sizes are small and focus on proper alignment and honest movement. If you want to learn how to move your body more efficiently with control and awareness, Mind Body & Pilates has a class for you.

Several mat Pilates classes are offered daily. Class difficulty levels vary in order for individuals to meet their workout goals. The Pilates room is fully equipped with Gratz apparatus, the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment. These authentic pieces of equipment have been built to Joseph Pilates’ rigorous specification and are extremely effective pieces of equipment when combined with Authentic Pilates Method.


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How to Alleviate Painful Corns, Bunions and Hammertoe
by our own Chandra Healy