Lengthen & Stretch your Spine with Pilates with Norma-Jean Nolan
Sunday, August 10th from 1:30-4:30 • $100
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This workshop will utilize the Wunda chair, Spine Corrector and The Wall to lengthen and stretch the spine. With the help of these apparatus and specific exercises, Norma-Jean will teach you how to bring relief to a tight upper, middle and lower back. These exercises are great for anyone who spend a large portion of their day sitting or bent over (which includes us Pilates instructors), and are wonderful for most elderly clients. This workshop will teach you to help your clients find the perfect posture for their body and give tips on how to hook your clients into loving Pilates forever.


June 22 – September 22 • Unlimited Group Classes - $220

Mind body & Pilates is an Authentic Pilates and Yoga Studio. We offer several styles of yoga including: Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Restorative and Partners yoga. Instruction is very hands-on, personalized and tailored to individual needs. Whether it is meditation, stress-relief or a powerful workout you are seeking, Mind Body & Pilates has a class for you.

Several mat Pilates classes are offered daily. Class difficulty levels vary in order for individuals to meet their workout goals. The Pilates room is fully equipped with Gratz apparatus, the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment. These authentic pieces of equipment have been built to Joseph Pilates’ rigorous specification and are extremely effective pieces of equipment when combined with Authentic Pilates Method.


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Kim demonstrating Teaser


Thea & Andrew with Magic Circles

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Kellee demonstrating Teaser

image of BILT equipment

Jason demonstrating a piece of our BILT Equipment