photo of Kimberly Lenzi, Ph.DKimberly Lenzi, Ph.D.
Senior Instructor 

(RNR Voted Best Fitness Instructor in N. Nevada)
Kim’s lifelong passion is health and wellness. She started dance and yoga classes as a child and continued her training throughout her youth. Kim began teaching yoga as an undergraduate. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology from West Virginia University and continued her education, earning Master’s degrees in both Psychology and Gerontology. In 2008 Kim finished her doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her dissertation was a research project studying the effects of 5 weeks of Pilates had on older adults. It focused on healthy lifestyle behaviors, improvements in balance and posture, and increases in cognitive functioning. While pursuing her advanced degrees, Kim trained in Pilates under several second generation instructors including: Kathryn Ross-Nash, Jay Davis, Brook Siler, Moses Urbano, and many other authentic/ classic teachers. She has been teaching Pilates since 2005. In 2008 Kim received her certification with the Pilates Method Alliance and opened her own Authentic Pilates/Yoga studio. Mind Body and Pilates, located in Reno, takes pride in working with the body in front of them. We specialize in older adults, injuries, and proper kinetic movement. Kim has been a certified teacher trainer since 2009.


Théa Newhouse, PMA Certified Instructor

Théa Newhouse discovered the Pilates Method in 2008 in an Authentic Studio in her home state of Michigan. After her move to Reno, she began training under Kimberly Lenzi and realized that she would like to share her love for Pilates with others. Théa earned her PMA certification in May 2011 after apprenticing under Kim and teaches at a number of studios in the Reno/Tahoe areas. Théa finds the Pilates theory and work as fascinating as the results and strives to pass those feelings along to her students. Théa is certified in Pelvic Floor Pilates, holds a BFA in Graphic Design and is a licensed aesthetician.


Andrew Christie, PMA Certified InstructorAndrew