0isa C. / Fernley, NV
I have been going to Mind Body & Pilates for over 2 years. The studio is very quiet, inviting, & feels like home. Kim is an amazing instructor. She can tell by looking at my body, what I need to focus on for that particular session. She is very hands on, meticulous, and extremely knowledgable . She is encouraging, but wants her client to get the most out of each exercise. I feel encouraged , and I am always striving to achieve more from each move. I would highly recommend giving Mind Body & Pilates a chance to change your body. It will.


Barbara M. / Reno, NV
Kimberly Lenzi is AMAZING! If you want an extremely knowledgeable instructor, Mind Body and Pilates is the place to go. I first came to Kim in January to relieve my back pain. Kim developed a personal treatment plan based on my L5 S1 bulging disk injury in August 2013. In four short months I am no longer experiencing the pain that had required three epidurals between late August and December. The classes at MB&P are unlike any other classes. You get personalized training even in the class environment.

All of the instructors at MB&P are excellent because that is the standard Kim holds everyone to that she brings into the studio. You will not be disappointed at the amazing results you’ll get for whatever goals you set for yourself and Kim helps you achieve.


Debbie S. / Reno, NV
If you have aches and pains (and who doesn’t!) Mind Body & Pilates is THE place to go in Reno to address these problems. As an added benefit, you will also stand taller, look thinner and more shapely, and feel better all over.

Kim Lenzi, the owner of MB&P, is a remarkably knowledgeable and effective trainer. Kim will customize your sessions with her to address your specific problems and goals. She has worked wonders for me. I started Pilates with Kim in June 2013 mainly to gain some relief from chronic pain due to my arthritic neck. Now, about 10 months later, I am in significantly less pain, my posture is better, and I have never been quite this slim and trim.

Plus you’ll have a blast. Kim is really fun to work with – whether in a one-on-one private session with her or in a group mat class. You will be challenged, you will be strengthened, you will learn a lot, you will improve in ways you’ve never imagined.


Emily W. / Boston, MA
I can understand why this place gets such amazing ratings. I’ve gone to Pilates classes every now and then for about 5 years and I’ve never met an instructor who is as thoughtful, diligent and meticulous as Kim. It helped that today’s class only had 2 students, but regardless, Kim’s attention to the details of your body positioning is impressive. If I lived here I’d make this place my home studio. Definitely worth checking out – fantastic space, lighting, etc.


Claire V. / Reno, NV
I have been going to this studio for 4 years and have watched my body change tremendously. When i came to mind body i had kyphosis and chronic back pain, since finding classic Pilates it is almost completely gone! Kim, the owner and instructor , truly cares about the well being of her clients and she knows what’s she is doing!! I love this studio and will follow Kim anywhere!!!


Carla B. / Reno, NV
I have been working with Kim at Mind Body and Pilates for 2 years now. I am in my 50’s and suffer from scoliosis. I was suffering from constant pain in my lower back and hips daily. Since working with Kim, I have little to no pain. She has worked to strengthen my spin and improve my overall health. Kim is very focused on your health and well being. She makes a point to understand your underlying issues and adjusts each workout to focus on specific areas of need. I have taken Pilates from other instructors in the Reno area, and found them to be more of a social event (chatty, and over crowded classes), with no real focus on my particular needs. I take the duet classes, (only 2 working out at a time), where Kim can direct and instruct to make sure each exercise is done properly. She will push you, knowing what your limits are way before you do. What seems like an easy workout will challenge you each and every workout.


Samantha E. / Reno, NV
I started doing pilates at MBP about two and a half years ago as a complete beginner. After a few private lessons with Kim (Instructor and owner) I had learned more about my own anatomy than I ever though possible (I’m hopeless when it comes to biology), not to mention the plethora of new muscles I’d discovered. With Kim’s instruction I soon advanced into intermediate classes and began work on the Gratz pilates equipment she has in her studio. It certainly didn’t take me long to see changes in my body shape, and skill level.
The thing that makes MBP so special is the guidance of Kim Lenzi. Kim is absolutely dedicated to the healing and strengthening methods of pilates, and she cares about the progression and ability of each one of her clients. Her own technique is flawless, and her years of practice allow her to modify the technique of each movement to better suit the specific body types of individual clients.
I look forward to many more years of progression and growth at MBP, because if there’s one thing Kim has taught me it’s that there is always more to learn.


Lisa W. / Reno, NV
12/28/2012 Updated review
Kim (owner of Mind, Body, Pilates) is the best Pilates instructor in the area. I have been going to her classes for two years and she continues to challenge me so I can be in the best shape possible (for a 58 year old woman). I am pleased Kim thought of noon Pilates and yoga classes so many of us who work near McCarren and Talbot and Kietzke and Sierra Rose can easily get a nice workout in during the lunch hour. If you want to feel and look great in 2013 I highly recommend stopping by and checking out Mind, Body and Pilates. If you decide to take a few classes or private sessions, you will work hard but the results in a short period of time are worth it.

12/31/2010 Previous review
I got tired of the same old workout at the gym and decided to start with Kim as I was told she was the best pilates instructor in town. It was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I feel better and stronger now than ever. I am a 55 year old female who can finally get back into a decent size!


Joan J. / Reno, NV
Kim is an amazing teacher! Extremely knowledgable and hands on. Her new studio is spacious and offers a variety of different services; yoga, pilates, spa services, and more!! An awesome one stop to nurture mind, body & soul. Thank you, Kim!!


Stephanie S. / Reno, NV
I would never think of going anywhere else! MB&P has it down. I’ve been with MB&P for almost 2 years and I am in love. Best instructors I have ever worked with. Truly dedicated people who love what they’re doing.
Kim, the owner and senior pilates instructor, takes care of me, she’s amazing at what she does. She works with my injuries and helps me strive towards my goals of being in a triathalon (hopefully a pilates instuctor someday!) She loves what she does and you can tell.
What I love most about working with Kim has to be her knowledge of pilates, she is constantly bringing your awareness to form and the art of the movement- making sure you’re feeling the work in the right places. I’ve gained so much strength and awareness from working with Kim. Kim is a strong, powerful, caring and kick-butt person. Come check out her new location, it’s beautiful!


Andrew C. / Reno, NV
I have been attending regular classes for about a year and a half and my posture, strength and flexibility are noticeably improved. Kim is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor, who believes in continuing education. Her hands on technique ensures understanding of the exercises and her positive attitude keeps students motivated as she works to change their bodies. Anyone who wants to improve themselves should sign up today.


Maureen B. / Reno, NV
Don’t go anywhere else! This is the best Pilates studio in Reno and our community is lucky to have such a high quality, classically trained instructor, like Kim. She is an extremely talented coach and can manage a wide range of physical limitations in her clients with care and results! Furthermore, like any great mentor, she practices what she preaches. Make the commitment to partner with Kim – she will guide you on a journey to develop the strength, flexibility and mind-body connection you’ve been looking for.


Gina P. / Las Vegas, NV
I contacted Mind, Body, and Pilates prior to my trip to Reno, to inquire about attending a few classes while I was in town. The owner, Kim, promptly returned my call, was friendly, and genuinely interested in my needs. I attended 2 yoga classes, and 1 pilates class, over the course of 4 days, all taught by the owner- at a very affordable price. The studio was intimate, clean, and the class sizes were small (average of 4). I am new to pilates and fairly new to yoga. The personalized attention received from Kim was great. Kim’s motivation technique and hands-on teaching style ensured I was executing the positions correctly and getting the most out of my workout. Next time I am in town, I will be back.


Katie S. / Reno, NV
This is the best place in Reno for serious classic pilates. Also very reasonable rates, you don’t have to pay to join, and you can attend whatever group classes fit into your schedule. The class size is never very big, so you get a lot of personal attention. The prices for the duets and privates are good as well. Great instructors and friendly environment.


Thea N. / Reno, NV
You haven’t really done Pilates until you go to Kim. She knows the classic techniques inside and out, and makes you work towards perfection at all times. She will kick your butt, and you’ll love her for it.

Pricing is very reasonable, and there’s a variety of mat classes, duets, and private sessions, so it’s pretty easy to find something that will fit into your schedule.

I have noticed huge changes in my strength and flexibility, and I think I look great! I would recommend Mind, Body, and Pilates to anyone regardless of fitness level or experience, Kim will work to your level and get you into great shape.


Cassie F. / Reno, NV
Kim is the best! If you want someone who knows what they’re doing to whip you into shape, then stop by!


Claude C. / Reno, NV
I’m a guy and truly enjoy attending the studio. I am already seeing and feeling the difference with Pilates! Kim is the best!!! Don’t pass the opportunity to improve your quality of life!


Sayuri Y. / Reno, NV
MB&P’s group classes are small, intimate and hands-on. Owner & instructor, Kim, guides each individuals throughout the class based on their strength and needs while keeping it fun and challenging. She pays attention to each students’ ability and possibilities, and each classes are truly effective. I can feel my body gets more strength, stamina and flexibility every time when I go to her class!


Victoria M. / Reno, NV
This is by far the best Yoga and Pilates studio in town. Kim creates a welcoming environment where everyone feels like they belong. The space she creates truly relaxes me and gives me time to center myself. She is exceptional at instructing and always gives you many modifications to a position. One of the first things she asked me when I joined her studio was about any injuries I have had or currently have, she then works around them. She also calls me by my name and remembers all of my weaknesses and strengths. The experience is very personal and I appreciate that. Her group classes are small, filled with high quality people. If you are looking for a great experience, and a good work out…. call Kim.


Kim E. / Reno, NV
Before going to MB&P, I had only done Pilates on videos for 10 minutes at a time. I have to say, experiencing hands on teaching makes all the difference! Watching my body change each time is well worth the effort and time put in. Plus, there’s no better feeling than accomplishing little goals you’ve set for yourself along the way and Kim will definitely get you there.

I’ve taken several of the classes at Kim’s studio and I’ve never been disappointed no matter who the teacher is. It’s obvious that she only brings in the best. Don’t ever change, Mind, Body and Pilates!


Howard S. / Reno, NV
This is THE place to go for Yoga and Pilates. The owner Kim is the best instructor in Reno (not just me but won in RNR’s best of this year). The classes are small and intimate. The instruction is hands on and geared for whatever level you are at (newbie to advanced). Kim is amazingly strong and flexible and watching her gives you an idea of where you can get to if you really commit. Kim and all of her instructors really make you feel welcome. All around a really great vibe to the place!